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The Canadian Roasters to Support Now

31 March 2020

Together we are stronger

We have done our best to provide you a list of all the roasters across Canada who are #stillroasting and can ship direct to your door.

Now is the best time to try that roaster you've always been curious about. Place an order through their webshop and support your local businesses.

Rooftop Coffee Roasters, Fernie, British Columbia 

West Coast

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters
Agro Coffee Roasters
Be Still Cody Coffee
Bows x Arrows
C Market Coffee
Canoe Coffee Roasters
Chaos Coffee Roasters
Counterpart Coffee
Discovery Coffee
Drumroaster Coffee
Eleven Speed Coffee
Elysian Coffee Roasters
Esquimalt Roasting
Ethical Bean Coffee
Foglifter Coffee Roasters
French Press Coffee Roasters
House of Funk Brewing
JJBean Coffee Roasters
Lions Bay Coffee Company
Lüna Coffee*
Matchstick Coffee
Modus Coffee
Moving Coffee Roastery
No6 Coffee Co.
Oughtred Coffee
Pallet Coffee Roasters
Prototype Coffee
Regard Coffee Roasters
Rocanini Coffee Roasters
Rooftop Coffee Roasters*
Salt Spring Coffee
Spent Grounds Coffee
Stick In The Mud
Timbertrain Coffee
White Goat Coffee

Rogue Wave Coffee Co., Edmonton, Alberta.


33 1/2 Coffee Roasters
Ace Coffee Roasters
Brave Fox Coffee
David Kim Coffee*
Dogwood Coffee Roasters
Eclipse Coffee Roasters
Fernwood Coffee
Loft Coffee Co.
Monogram Coffee Roasters 
Phil & Sebastian
Roasti Coffee Company
Rogue Wave Coffee*
Rosso Coffee Roasters*
Tasse Coffee*
The Colombian
Transcend Coffee


Back Road Motor Coffee Co.
Balzac's Coffee*
Barocco Coffee*
Bridgehead Coffee
Brothers' Coffee Roasters
Brown Bag Coffee
Cavan Coffee Co
Chance Coffee*
De Mello Palheta
Detour Coffee Roasters*
Epic North Coffee
Espanola Coffee Roasters
Ethica Coffee Roasters
Everyday Gourmet Coffee
Hale Coffee*
Happy Goat Coffee Co.
Hatch Coffee*
Java Coffee Roasters*
Landscape Coffee Roasters
Las Chicas Del Cafe
Little Victories Coffee*
Manic Pixie Dream Coffee
Monigram Coffee Roasters*
My Indie Coffee Roaster
Not Even Coffee
Pilot Coffee Roasters*
Pop Coffee Works
Propeller Coffee*
Quietly Coffee*
Reunion Coffee Roasters*
Sam James Coffee
Seth Taylor Coffee by Design*
Signal Coffee Co.
Sly & Sons Coffee Roasters
Smile Tiger Coffee
Social Coffee*
Station Cold Brew*
Stereo Coffee Roasters
Subtext Coffee Roasters
The Library Specialty Coffee
Van & Co. Coffee

Balzac's Coffee Roasters, Ontario 


94 Celcius*
Bluebarn Coffee Roasters
Brulerie Faro
Cafe 8oz + 8MDT
Cafe Lanterne
Cafe Pista
Cafe Union 
Canal Roasters
Cantook Micro-Torrefaction
Dispatch Coffee
Escape Coffee Roasters*
Fantome Cafe
Kaito Coffee
Kittel Atelier De Cafe
Kohi Micro-Torrefacteur
Le Bruloir*
Monkland Coffee Roasters
Nektar Torrefacteur
Nordik Cafe
Rabbit Hole Roasters
Cafe Saint Henri
Structure Coffee Roasters*
Traffic Coffee Crew*
Zab Torrefacteur

East Coast

Anchored Coffee 
Downeast Coffee Roasters
Java Blend Coffee Roasters
Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-Op
Sine Coffee Labs

*Roasters who will be exhibiting at The Toronto Coffee Festival. Click here to see the full list of exhibitors.


If we missed your company or favourite local be sure to let us know at info@toronto-coffeefestival.com


Feature photo by Gregory Hayes on Unsplash.

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